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18 August 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Rules of The Writer's Quill  
1. Respect the mods and your fellow members, and the writing of others at all times. We will be following a three strike rule- three strikes and you're out of the community.

2. Any criticism you offer to others should always be constructive. If we find that a critique you've given is harsh and not constructive, you will be given a warning.

3. Everyone is granted posting access in this community. You can post about anything writing related.

4. Advertising is allowed as long as you do not spam the community and as long as you're advertising something writing related.

Posting Rules
You are more than welcome to post excerpts of your writing to the community. However, we ask that you do not spam the community with your writing. We also recommend that in order to protect your writing as much as possible, you friends lock any entries with your excerpts.

1. Please only post excerpts of your writing twice a week. You can post two pieces from the same project or two pieces from two entirely different projects as long as it's only twice a week. We will have posts every now and then dedicated to posting excerpts for critiques in comments.

2. All writing excerpts should be up to 1,000 words long. If the excerpt is in the middle of a chapter, you are welcome to link to another place that you've posted the rest of the chapter (i.e. Tumblr, a Livejournal post, etc). Please make sure that wherever you post it is public- i.e. if you've posted an entire chapter you wish to have critiqued in your Livejournal, it needs to be public so that members can read it.

3. We have members ranging in different ages as well as different genre preferences. Because of this, you must place a rating warning in your post if your excerpt is PG-13 or over.

4. thewritersquill is dedicated to original fiction only. Since there are so many different fandoms out there that not everyone will be familiar with, please do not post fan fiction here.

5. When posting excerpts to the community, please use the following form:

6. When both giving and receiving critiques, be sure to do so in a respective manner, with constructive criticism in mind. Check out these resources for ideas on how to deal with critiques both as the author and the critiquer:

Critiquing in a Workshop Context
How to Deal with Critiquing
Critiquing Tips

7. When posting your excerpts, please make sure to use an LJ cut.
The main activities we have in mind are:
Plot/world building etc help- if you're stuck on your plot or are having trouble with your world, you can use the weekly posts to ask for help.
Word wars- through out the months of July and August, we will have AIM chats open to anyone who would be interested in participating in a word war. Word wars are a great way to boost your word count- a designated person gives you a certain amount of time to write in and you start at a certain time (i.e. at 3:15 PM and it goes to 3:30 PM). When the designated person tells you to stop, you look at how many words you've written in the allotted time.
Discussion posts- once or twice a week we'll have discussion topics involving anything you can think of for writing- world building, characters, publishing, and more!
Writing prompts- once or twice a week we'll post prompts to help get your muses going if you're stuck.
Progress posts- Once or twice a week, we'll ask for your progress with your word count.
If you have any suggestions for more activities, please do not hesitate to contact us either by replying in this post or sending a mod a message.

Facts and Questions

Q. Can I help advertise this community?
A. Sure! Here's the code- just copy and paste the HTML.

Q. How can I affiliate with thewritersquill?
You can affiliate with us by contacting a mod. We will gladly affiliate with other writing communities.

Q. Am I allowed to advertise to the community?
Yes, but only communities related to writing/reading etc in some way. They do not need to be Livejournal communities.

Contact the Staff
Use the information in this post to contact the staff with any questions or concerns.

If you have any questions that are not addressed in this post please do not hesitate to ask!

All works and ideas posted within this community are copyrighted to their rightful authors.